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General List of Topics to tackle

Posted: September 8, 2017

1. General Provisions

  • Name
  • Territory
    • Services districts and their areas
    • Services – Taxing Districts Established
    • Allocation of services among the services districts
    • General Services District Boundaries
    • Urban Services District Boundaries
    • Special Services District (i.e. Industrial Park)
  • Expansion of Services Districts
  • Function of Services Districts
  • Any Special Districts
  • Officials of Services Districts

Powers of Consolidated Government

  • Must be included but is already based on state law

Amendment of Charter

  • Amendment to Pursuant to Commission Resolution
  • Amendment or Revocation of Petition
  • Charter Revision Commission

Miscellaneous Provisions

  • Federal, State and other Aid
  • Consolidated Government agencies authorized to compel attendance of witness and production of
  • Authorization of council with respect to certain special appropriations
  • Councilman disqualified for membership on board and commissions
  • Authority to deal with state and federal agencies as a special governmental service
  • Open meetings
  • Titles and subtitles not part of charter
  • Severability clauses
  • Reference to Tennessee Code of Annotated

2. Montgomery County Governing Body (Legislative Council)

  • Terms, Qualifications, Compensation
  • Presiding Officer
  • Quorum rules and procedures – Meeting
  • Urban Council (Must have a minimum of 3)
  • Selection and Term
  • Function and Meetings
  • Legislative Authority/General Authority
    -Including power to consolidate, divide, eliminate, alter, etc. boards, agencies, and commissions
  • Redistricting rules
  • Zoning
  • Staff
  • Vacancies
  • Public Office Vacancies
  • Mayor
  • Established Power and Authority
    -Including Administrative and Supervisory Powers
    -Appointment of executive staff and Directors
    -Appointment of Division Heads, Boards, Commission and Agencies
    -Fiscal Responsibility
    -Reports and Recommendations to Legislative Council
    -Submission of Annual Budget
    -Call of Special Meetings
    -Employment of Legal and Engineering Assistance
    -State of Emergency Powers
    -Membership on Power and Utility Boards, Attendance at meetings and other general powers
  • Term-Qualifications – Compensation
  • Death, Disability, or Vacancy in Office of Mayor
  • Retirement of Mayor
  • Approval of Ordinances – Veto Power
  • Staff
  • Independent Board Selections

3. Departments and Boards powers and duties, appointment of directors etc.

  • Department of Finance
    • Director and Finance Functions, Appointments, Bond, Power, and Duties
  • Purchasing – Duties, Commission, Bidding and Purchasing Policies
    • Treasury Division
  • Bond of Consolidated Trustee
  • Creation of Consolidated Government Clerk
  • Street Department
  • Building and Codes
  • Parks Department
  • Planning (Already Consolidated)
    • Director and Administrators
    • Allocation of Duties
    • Review, Modifications, and Dissolution of Boards
    • Minimum Requirements
  • Purchases
  • Metro Attorney
  • Metro Auditor

4. Public Safety

  • Fire Department
  • Rural Fire Service
  • Law Enforcement
    • Director, Jurisdiction, Chief Law Enforcement Officer
  • EMS Service

5. Budget and Financial Matters

Borrowing Authority

  • General Budget Authority
  • Fiscal Year
  • Budget Proposal Procedures
  • Scope and Form of Budgets
  • Revenue allocation between servicing districts
  • Budget Committee
  • Budget Hearing by council procedures
  • Action of Council on Operating Budget
  • Adoption of Annual Operating and Capital Improvement Budgets
  • Levy of Taxes
  • Public Records
  • Allotments of Appropriations
  • Impoundment of Funds
  • Additional Appropriations
  • Transfer of Appropriations
  • Lapse of Appropriations
  • Public Improvements Program and Capital Budget
  • Post Audit
  • Authority to Borrow and Issue Bonds
  • Debt Obligations and Services Districts
  • Trust Funds
  • Debt Services Funds
  • Unissued Bonds of County and City

6. Public Schools

Already consolidated just need to write in the new charter.

7. Utilities and Franchises

  • Restrictive and Reserved Powers
  • General Requirements
  • Recognition of Existing Franchises Granted by County and City
  • Utility Districts
  • Public Works – Function of Departments, Qualifications of Director, duties
    • Bi County
    • Electric Company
    • Gas and Water, Sewer
      • Creation of Government Utility Boards, members, terms Limitations, compensation, function etc.

8. Administrative Boards, Agencies, and Commissions

  • Continuation of current boards and commission now in existence or mandated by law
  • General Provision
  • Appointments
  • Quorum
  • Meetings
  • Officers
  • By-Laws
  • Personnel
  • Compensation
  • Term
  • Removal for Cause
  • Residence requirement, filling vacancies
  • Board of Equalization – membership, term, power, duties complaint, compensation, general law
  • Board of Zoning and Appeals – same as above
  • Airport Board – same as above
  • Alcoholic Beverages – same as above
  • Metropolitan Planning Commission – same as above + Mandatory Referrals, Department of planning
  • Other Committees

9. Personnel Management System

  • Director, appointment, compensation, and duties
  • Board, purpose, membership, terms, meetings, duties, and powers
  • Unclassified employees not governed by the Personnel Management System
  • Retirement and other benefits
  • Nepotism Policies
  • Disability of Mayor and Legislative Council
  • Compensation for elected and certain appointed officials
  • Salary changes by Legislative Council
  • Retirement and Pensions
  • Existing Pensions and Retirement Systems
  • Civil Service System

10. Judicial

  • Court and General Session – Created, Divisions, Jurisdiction, and Authority
  • Circuit Court Clerk
  • City Court
  • Chancery and Circuit Courts
  • Metro Juvenile Court

11. Elections

  • Prohibited Activities
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Disclosures
    • Use of Public Property
  • Election Commission
  • Times and Expenses of Elections
  • Qualifications of Voters
  • Requirements of Inclusion on Ballot
  • Regular and Run-off Elections
  • Referenda Elections
  • Procedures for Referenda Elections
  • Requirements for Referenda
  • Referendum Petition and Requisites and Procedures

12. Constitutional Offices and City like offices

(Must visit with each constitutional officer)

  • Assessor of Property
  • County Clerk
  • County Register of Deeds
  • County Trustee
  • County Sheriff – Responsibilities
    • Criminal Justice Complex
    • Supervision of Personnel
    • Authority of Establish Regulations
    • Classification of Employees
  • Assessor of Property – City
  • Appointment of Deputies of County Trustee and County Clerk

13. Transition and Effective Date

  • Effective Date
  • Initial Commission Districts
  • Initial Mayor, Commission and Urban Council
  • Property Rights, Contracts, obligations, causes of action and legal proceedings
  • Proceeding before county and city agencies continue
  • Continuation of boards and agencies
  • Employee status
  • Transfer of records and equipment
  • Separate or jointly owned property
  • Effective date of charter
  • Transfer as to fiscal and other matters
  • Budget and tax levy for fiscal year ending
  • Service bond indebtedness for fiscal year
  • Separation of transitional forms and procedures
  • Transitional funding
  • Continuation of existing rules, classifications plans, and pay plans
  • Transition committee
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