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Common Objections to Consolidation

Posted: August 23, 2017

As to be expected, the community have questions or even objections to consolidating the city and county government. Our goal is to educate our community, share all information available to us, and provide updates throughout this process. Below you will read many objections that have arose thus far, our goal is to provide you the actualities that will occur.

Common objections to consolidation verse actual facts:

  1. My taxes will go up – Consolidation will be done without a tax increase for anyone, and studies have shown that after consolidation tax rates actually decline.
  2. County residents will inherit city debt – By statute, debt of the city has to remain with the residents in the boundary of the former city
  3. I will lose my job – No one will lose their job, efficiencies and savings can be gained via attrition and planning
  4. My property rights will change – Property rights will not change as only the property owner can make application for a change
  5. I will lose my voice with government. Actually representation for citizens can actually increase via the addition of at-large council members. The fact now is that only 3 of the 21 county commission districts are county only districts.
  6. I will have to pay for services that I don’t receive – The consolidated charter will prohibit that from occurring.
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