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Committees & Members

Posted: September 8, 2017

1. General Provisions (Chair Bob Yates)
Katy, Mark K., Katie, Bob, Maria

2. Montgomery County Governing Body (Chair Jonathon Hunter)
Lynn, Mark K, Jay, Katy, Katie, Debbie, Jon

3. Departments and Boards (Chair Charlie Foust)
Lynn, Don, Debbie, Jon, Charlie

4. Public Safety (Chair Jay Runyon)
Carl, Mark S, Ray, Jay, Jon, Don, Katie

5. Budget and Financial Matters (Chair Lynn Stokes)
Maria, Debbie, Lynn, Mark S., Bob, Mark K.

6. Schools
Katy and Katie

7. Utilities and Franchises (Chair Carl Wilson)
Carl, Mark K, Charlie, Don, Maria

8. Administrative Boards, Agencies and Commissions (Chair Keith Lampkin)
Keith, Mark S, Charlie, Bob, Ray

9. Personnel Management System (Chair Debbie Frazier)
Mark S, Maria, Ray, Bob, Katy, Jay, Debbie

10. Judicial (Chair Katy Olita)
Mark K, Katy, Jay, Charlie

11. Elections (Chair Don Jenkins)
Katy, Carl, Don, Ray, Lynn

12. Constitutional Offices and Like City Offices (Chair Maria Jiminez)
Debbie, Katie, Maria, Carl, Lynn

13. Transition and Effective Date (Chair Jon Hunter)
Charlie, Katie, Jon, Keith, Maria, Debbie

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