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Benefits to Our Community

Posted: August 23, 2017

A consolidated government will provide many benefits to our community.

Here are few that we wanted to shared with you today:

  1. Industrial development opportunities will be enhanced as potential companies will only
    have to navigate a single local government
  2. Having one voice with state government will enhance chances to obtain funding for
    projects, especially roads.
  3. Public safety resources will be combined into a single resource for the citizens
  4. County residents would have an option to ask for the extension of city services, but that will be their choice. For example:
    a. Fire
    b. Storm-water conveyance
  5. Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of local government. There are a lot of
    talented folks that work for the city and the county and it makes sense that it would be
    more efficient if they were on the same team.
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