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Minutes of the Charter Commission Meeting Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Posted: September 25, 2017

Members Present
Bob Yates, Carl Wilson, Charlie Foust, Debbie Frazier, Don Jenkins, J. Runyon, Katy Olita, Keith Lampkin, Lyn Stokes, Maria Jimenez, Ray Williams

Members Absent
Jon Hunter, Katie Gambill, Mark Kelly, Mark Smith

Others Present
James Halford, Debbie Gentry

The Charter Commission meeting was held at the William O. Beach Civic Hall, 350 Pageant Lane, Clarksville, Tennessee.

Call to Order
Vice Chairman Charlie Foust called the meeting to order.

Approval of Minutes
There were not any minutes available for approval.


Members talked about meeting with the Clarksville Montgomery County School System’s director and other school personnel. It was decided to meet with them on September 14 at the Board of Education at 10:00 a.m.

Vice Chairman Foust advised that the Citizens Committee had met and determined it was going to take additional time to populate the membership. He relayed that Mark Kelly chaired the meeting and they had discussed membership makeup (number of members, including those for and against) and the group’s purpose of serving as a conduit between the commission and citizens. The commission members suggested using an information form for citizens to apply to be on the committee and where to obtain the form.

Member felt now was the time to publish very general and basic information regarding the consolidation, along with the timeline, to start informing the public. Commission members were in agreement to get information out as soon as possible. Member suggested color maps and using a speaker he met at a conference about growth in Tennessee, including Montgomery County.

Member will research sales tax revenue and its distribution so the committee would be informed to present facts to the citizens. It was felt the citizens want to know how they are affected now and how they would be affected going forward under consolidation. An example was given that county residents spend money in the city and the tax goes to the school system and city, for which they have no control over how the city uses the tax revenue. Whereas, if the commission could covey to the citizens that under consolidated government everyone would benefit the same regardless of where purchases were made. Also talked about was – industrial park relative to taxes, and lack of tax credits or PILOTs for housing. Members were asked to email Bob Yates items they would like to see put out first to the public, with principles being included.

Mr. Halford’s proposal for facilitator was the next item committee addressed. Mr. Halford briefly explained his proposal, see attachment, and talked about his involvement, amount of time, and possible supplemental fee for extended time if required or needed (to be determined).

A motion was made by Mr. Don Jenkins to accept proposal options 1 & 2, and to renegotiate if additional time was required, for Mr. James Halford to serve as facilitator for the Charter Commission. Seconded by Mr. Keith Lampkin and passed unanimously.

It was noted that when the Citizens Committee met they composed a mission statement. Mr. Halford expressed that clarity of their mission and role would be a key part of that committee. He agreed the sooner the better to get information out but stressed the importance of being clear on exactly what was expected of the Citizens Committee.

Mr. Foust read the Citizens Committee mission statement – To assist the consolidated government charter commission in the dissemination of the commission’s work in soliciting feedback and input of citizens concerns. To that end, the Citizens Committee will attend periodic coordinated meetings and periodic requested meetings with the public. The Citizens Committee will attend periodic meetings with the Charter Commission and meet with the subcommittee. The mission statement was to be distributed to commission members.

Mr. Halford provided a “norms” (ground rules) sheet, see attachment, and asked members to fill out from their perspective as to what they thought the norms should be for certain things, and email their ideas to him for consolidation, then discussion. The determined ground rules would apply to the working committees also. Briefly talked about was the upcoming committee meetings and consistency in format for presenting to the charter commission and to Mr. Nolan. Mr. Halford talked about developing interview questions in advance of meetings and who would do the asking. In addition, to have answers ready for questions they might ask.

Committee members talked and discussed in length the requirement of posting or not posting meetings. They wanted to ensure total transparency for all meetings, subcommittees meetings, and interviews, etc. Katy Olita was going to do further research and would advise the commission.

Identifying committees that intersect was next on the agenda. Mr. Halford spoke briefly on identifying the ones that might intersect. He will put together a matrix and develop a work plan to send out by email to members.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on September 14 at the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System location on Gracey Avenue.

With no further business before the Charter Commission, the meeting was properly adjourned.


Katie Gambill, Chairman
Charter Commission


Shelly Baggett, Administrative Assistant
County Mayor’s Office

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